8+ Buff Orpington Eggs NPIP

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    Dec 1, 2010
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    Up for Auction is 8+ NPIP Buff Orpington Eggs! I have have a good hatch rate this fall and I have enough chicks and my Bator is full! I have 2 Roosters over 7 Hens. My Orp hens are great layers (5-7 eggs a week)! I have one hen that tries to sit on eggs but I never let her. Great Layers and are Very Friendly!

    My Flock is NPIP Certified #3163 In Oklahoma!

    My Roos weigh about 9.5 lbs and Hens are about 7 to 7.5


    I do my best to ship the eggs like i want to reciece them. I put each egg in a bubble rap pocket and tape it shut and then put packing peanuts in the box.

    Like everyone else I do not gurantee your hatch rate due to shipping. However I will do my best to ensure that they arrive in good condition with an extra egg or 2!

    Thank you,

    Happy Hatching!

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