8+ Buff Silkie Hatching Eggs - Special BYC price ONLY- Great Lineage/Diversity 5/26/2015week- GA


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Taking orders for week of 5/26/2015 and direct to farm orders after that. This is a buy it now listing. The hens are laying well, but if there is any change in the laying pattern, I will let you know.. This listing will be FOR ONLY Buff silkie hatching eggs. Eggs to ship after paypal is received (no Epay please) and dependent on laying patterns of hens. Payment to: [email protected] In Order for us to ship promptly, buyer needs to pay as soon as possible and hens continued laying. 6+ means if available, extra silkie eggs are included.

SHIPPING: We wrap our eggs very careful in a unique boxing system For details on how we ship eggs, please see last line. We pack as if little lives depend on it, once we leave them at the post office. Because shipping and incubation are out of our control,therefore we do not replace eggs or guarantee hatch rates. Please ignore any comments in response to the listing as when I renew an ad, all the older comments come forward with the post. For all BUT west Coast, Postage is $18.50 without a heat pack and is Priority Mail mail with tracking number delivery. Due to increased USPS rates, we regret we will have to increase our west coast shipping (California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, and Arizona) to $22.50 IF YOU WANT A 72 hour HEATING PACK, it will be $5 more which represents cost of heating pack, extra weight and materials. Heating pack helps keep temperatures stable as they travel in unheated trucks or may wait on tarmac for airplane travel. To buy or not to buy is up to you:) Please disregard comment below, comments are carried forward when we renew our listing. We wrap and ship carefully but do not guarantee hatch rate or replace eggs as shipping and incubation/brooding is out of our control. For details on how we ship eggs, please see last lines well!
The Buff Color is just beautiful. I have attached some of our many pictures of them...The buffs you see with other colors around them are some of our babies that are up and coming juveniles and will join our others in their respective pens.The Garry Farm breeder silkies are crested, bearded, blue ear lobes, black skin, 5 toes. Our flock is largely from Mbrobbins here on BYC, but also have silkies from other BYC'ers and others who have award winning birds.The pics below of three buff silkies in various states of their development are from Mbrobbins - Hatched a trio - one boy and two girls - So Blessed! In our buff lineage in addition to our first grouping from Mbrobbins, there is Cat Dance lineage as well as CJ Exotics Silkies. Although all our breeders are show quality, not pet quality, there is no guarantee you will only get show quality babies, but it certainly helps when you have a wonderful gene pool working for you...We love our silkies. They are super pets &and great broodies.

Here's a picture of me snuggling with a buff and also a white silkie on my shoulders! Love my silkies!

Here's a pic of one of our baby Buff's with my handsome husband!

In order to place an order, buyer should deposit into our paypal: [email protected] Please put what you are ordering, your byc name, your mailing information and your phone number in the paypal me the mailing address, what you are ordering and any special mailing instructions (including asking post office to hold - for that we need your phone number for outside of the box) or any wording on box other than FRAGILE Should you be interested in direct ordering these or any other of our eggs that may not be listed this weekend see here: https://www.backyardchickens.com/classifieds/feedback/index/current/classifieds/user_id/8875 If you wish to see more pics of our flocks,please see our website or if you don't have paypal and want to order from us. If you don't want to use Paypal, please contact us here or on [email protected] on how to order. Thanks and have a blessed day. Nancy

IF YOU PREFER A VARIETY PACKAGE of colors, you may order that with us as well. Our other listings may be found here: https://www.backyardchickens.com/classifieds/feedback/index/current/classifieds/user_id/8875

For more information about our farm see: http://thegarryfarm.yolasite.com/
or Facebook: The Garry Farm or facebook: The Garry Farm Animals for sale
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Would you take $18

Ok if you are willing to deposit $35 (including shipping and handling into our buyer should deposit into our paypal: I WILL LEAVE THE LISTING OPEN FOR THE WEEK AS IT LOOKS LIKE I CAN FILL TWO ORDERS THIS WEEK! OUR PAY PAL IS [email protected] (no epay please it delays eggs!)Be sure your mailing address is correct and visible to us. Most mobile phone transactions do not allow the buyer to see the address. So please pm me the mailing address and any special mailing instructions (including asking post office to hold - for that we need your phone number for outside of the box . [email protected] is our e mail if you need it. Thanks and have a blessed day. Nancy
Hi. I saw your post on FB on the silkie group. Your buffs are gorgeous. I am looking for this color for my grandson as he has been showing silkes for 3 years and the buff's are the color he has chosen.(he is 7 yrs old) We have purchased from hatchery's before but have not had good luck with them. Do you have more than 6 buff for sale? Also I have seen some abbreviations that I am not familiar with like SQ/BQ. Do you know what these mean? Also what does "Special BYC price ONLY" mean. Sorry for all of the questions but I just want to learn as much as I can about the terms that are used so I know what people are talking about.


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