8 day old Cornish rock giants dying


5 Years
May 3, 2015
Posted this On the chicks forum and they thought maybe someone here could help me out...
We are raising both cornish rock giants and brown leghorns. They were all doing perfect until yesterday when the cornish rock giants suddenly started dying. They almost look too heavy to stand and gasp for air while lying down. One of them almost seemed paralyzed and layed down stiff. We have had two die right as we walk in to check on them.. almost like they are having a heart attack?? We have raised many chicks before and never had any deaths but this is the first time raising the cornish rock giant. Any thing i could give to them to prevent more deaths? Is this maybe a disease or something happened during shipping? They are eating a non medicated chick starter and i just started adding Germe Zone to their water. Is this typical of this breed?

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