8 day old Gold Lace Orpington chick dying.........dying......


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I don't know what to do....I can't figure out whats wrong with him.

I have a 8 day old Gold Lace Orpington chick who is panting and pushing and too weak to stand up!!!!

He had what we THINK was pasty butt 2 days ago and I had to clean him with warm water and remove him from the other chicks because they were pecking him butt.

All he has access to is chick starter food, water and some carrot treats.

His poo looks normal enough now (maybe a little watery) and it isn't stuck to him.........so why is he still dying......

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He may be constipated. No carrots, he's too young. Food could be moistened with water, some need this.
This is a life-threatening condition often seen in chicks with pasty butt. Either they fail to drink enough or their gut is unable to process the water normally. Electrolytes in early stages.

A last-ditch effort can involve immersing his lower body in warm water, but you must be prepared to keep him warm and the process can take up to an hour, fully supervised and ensuring you gently hold his head up so he does not inhale water. If it works it will get messy as he voids the masses. You may have to repeat this many times over the next couple of days. Chick must be warm at all times and especially warm after coming out of water. Suggest you use heated towels when drying him.
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Hmmm...this is perplexing. Is he the only one from the bunch with issues? THey are a bit young for treats; I'd discontinue the carrot treats and just make sure they have the starter; it's got everything they need.

Typically, respiratory issues are caused from damp bedding - is there any way they could have spilled water, and gotten their bedding wet? What type of bedding are they on?
I think I will try the youghurt, he was like this yeaterday so I seperated him from the rest and put him in a warmer place but I don't think he is eating or drinking anything so I don't know if i can get him to take the youghurt.....
None of the other chicks have any problems, but he is the only orphy in the pen, he is with welsummers and black minorcas and sussex chicks and they are all fine. I was worried about him from the beginning becasue he was so small and he hasn't really thrived and grown as fast as the others...
ok baths it is, im not losing this fellow, hes the only one that hatched. Explain exactly what I have to do, please??
All you need is a bowl warm water and towels or rags.
Hair dryer, maybe.
Be gentle, patient, this is going to take time. Get someone to make tea for you!

You want to keep his vent immersed, rehydrate him without chilling him, and hope the water entering the vent moistens the mass enough for him to evacuate.
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ok he is currently sitting quietly in a bowl of water......before I put him in I took a pic of him.


he is just so small for one his age, i really don't know!!

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