8++ French Blue and French Black Copper marans hatching eggs...NPIP

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    Hi all- This auction is for 8+ whatever is laid to be shipped on Wednesday feb, 16th!!! Included will be an assortment of French Black Copper and French Blue Copper marans eggs. I am out of room in all of my bators- so whatever is laid goes to the winning bidder !

    The French Black Copper came straight from Greenfire farms and all parent stock are feather legged. the eggs are currently about a 6-7 and XL in size!!

    The blues are a French Black Copper Marans roo over Blue splash Marans hens. they are also all feather shanked. they should all hatch out BLUE COPPER!! The eggs are about a 7.

    Note: One of the Splash marans lays a lighter egg- her chicks are coming out carolina blue, the others are darker blue. If you do not want these eggs, just let me know and i will not send them. The chick pictured in the title of this auction is one of these " Carolina Blue" hatched babies at 2 weeks [​IMG]

    I will send fresh, fertile eggs, and I package very well with poly filling and bubblewrap. fertility is good. In fact I just heard back from another auction winner that 7/9 eggs hatched- That auction was for 8+ !!

    I will ship to the lower 48 states. I cannot be held responsible for your hatch rate due to USPS rough handling. Please pay ASAP after auction end so they can ship promptly. We are NPIP. Thanks all !!

    The French Blue Copper Marans chick (darker egg)

    French black Copper Marans chick

    French Black Copper Roo

    Eggs from this week-the dark ones [​IMG]
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