8+ Golden Laced Orpington Project Hatching Eggs

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    This offer is for 8+ hatching eggs (8+). Please read entire listing before bidding.

    As many of you may know, I have been working on a Golden Laced Orpingtons Project for several years. I took on this project because the beautiful English Golden Laced Orpingtons were not available in the United States. I love the color of these birds and went about breeding to get as close as I could to the English Golden Laced Orpingtons.

    I have found that the beautiful English Golden Laced birds have been imported and I want to add some of this bloodline to my project. In hopes of raising the necessary money to further my project I ask for people of a like mind to join in this project.

    I have finally got some birds with nice lacing & good size. These birds are still not prefect and need further work. The picture posted is of a pullet that is prefect in lacing. She is not laying yet so none of the eggs offered are from her but they are from the parent birds that produced her. I must caution that chicks hatched from these eggs are not all like her. Some chicks have only some gold and imperfect lacing, some are somewhat mottled, and some have nice lacing. This little pullet is the cream of the crop.


    The parent roosters are beautiful in coloration and good size. They got some frostbite and their combs this past winter so they are not as pretty as they once were. Some of the hens in the breeding pen have nice lacing and some have imperfect lacing. I disclose all this so it is clear that it is possible to get chicks like the one pictured but not all chicks will be the same. These birds are still project birds.

    One of the roosters


    One of the hens - she just got a new apron and wasn't very happy.


    A group of the project birds

    This is a paypal only auction to [email protected]. Please pay for the auction within 24 hours of the end of the auction.

    As with any shipped eggs there are risks so I will not guarantee your hatch. I have tested fertility and it has been very good and I am currently hatching these eggs myself. I pack the eggs in bubble wrap and will double box these eggs to give them the best possible chance of a good hatch. I cannot be responsible for the US Postal Service mishandling of packages. Eggs will be mailed Priority Mail or Express mail upon request for an additional cost to buyer. I will add insurance to the package at your expense.

    Please ask questions before bidding. Thank you for viewing my auction.


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