8 hens born 4/1 not laying yet

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by urbanfarmer101, Sep 20, 2010.

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    I have Ivomec treated my entire flock. Expanded the chicken shed and no results. None of the 8 new ones (born 4/1) are laying. Buff orps and Barred Rocks

    I have 18 other hens that are 14 months old and only 5-8 of them are laying. They used to do much better than that.

    In June I sold 8 hens and a roo. Ever since then, my egg production has dropped to almost laughable proportions.

    Their feathers do look "dusty" and their combs and legs are pale. Some of their combs no longer stand up straight. They just look tired.

    So, now I have 26 hens and only get 4-10 eggs every day. What is up with them? Any suggestions?

    My girls free range on 1/4 acre of pasture, free access to feed and fresh water. They get fresh produce and scratch grains daily. I have a 4' by 6' bank of windows in the chicken house, and I do leave the light on when it is a gloomy day. Maybe they are just so spoiled they won't lay.
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    Being free rangers, they may be laying thier eggs elsewhere as well.

    I have found eggs scattered in the 800 sq foot run I have. The hens are finally going to the nesting boxes though.
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    Nope, this is a fenced pasture and we keep it trimmed. No eggs hiding anywhere.
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    I don't know where you're from, but mine just about quit with this heat. We are still getting into the upper nineties in the day, but the nights are cooling off now and I am seeing some increase in the egg laying. And I'm not sure about the rocks, but the orps might not lay til they're 6-8 months, being a large breed.
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    Give them a little more time. 6 months is when they will start to lay. I don't know what feed you are using but if you didn't use a high protein to raise them it could take up to 8 months or longer. I use a high protein feed AND range them. You will know it is almost laying time cause they will develop really dark red combs. You might check about mites if you think they are losing color in the legs. You know you have mites cause they will smell bad and if you touch the stink will transfer to you.

    I use Purena's flock raiser to prepare my girls to lay and they look absolutely beautiful. Mine are only a couple weeks younger than yours and no eggs for me either.

    Just an FYI, when my hens go through a molt, I give them the flock raiser too just to boost the protein. This helps a lot too. My older girls just got through with their molt and are beginning to lay again and are developing really pretty feathers. Love Purena!


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