8-mo-old Lakenvelder rooster in Calaveras Co., California


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Aug 16, 2015
Looking to find my Lakenvelder rooster a new home in Calaveras County, California, or surrounding counties. He was born approximately June 5, 2015 and was vaccinated for Marek's and coccidiosis. He is standard-sized, and makes a variety of interesting sounds.

Full disclosure, he is not the most people-friendly rooster and should probably go to someone who has experience and patience with roosters and/or the Lakenvelder breed, since from what I've read about them his disposition seems pretty average. He is a gentlemen to his hens, and even respectful of our family's cats and dog, but with humans he swings between eating treats nicely out of your hand and ninja-sneak-attacking the back of your legs. I do think that he could be a good bird with someone who knows roosters or this breed and their behavior better than my family does.

He is free to a good home, but I will not ship. I am willing to drive about 50-60 miles to hand him off with no charge. (For reference, I am in the Valley Springs area.) Beyond that, we would have to work something out.

We've been calling him Moonlight. Here are some pics; more on request:

(He's eating oatmeal and yogurt in this pic. Hard to keep those wattles out of the way.)
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