8 month old Barnevelder not laying! Help!


7 Years
Nov 7, 2012
My Barnevelder hen, Berenice, is around 8 months old and has not started laying yet. She lives with two other hens, Wellsummers, who regularly lay beautiful eggs. As far as I can tell, Berenice is well and healthy, and has all her needs covered. There's no indication she's stressed or being picked on by the other two. Any advice on what's going on? Any and all suggestions welcome.
Barnevelders will test your patience to the max. I have a pullet that hatched 3/21 (so she's 32 weeks old) and still hasn't started laying. Her sister is laying though. I've had others start around 35 weeks. Good thing they are beautiful birds with great dispositions, because otherwise they would drive you crazy!

Welsummers generally mature around 24 weeks, so they are faster to laying than barnevelders are.
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