8 month old Blue Orpington Rooster

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    Apr 25, 2010
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    **FREE** The auction requires an amount be put in, but this rooster is free to a good home. I believe he has potential, so I don't want to send him off to butcher if I don't have to.

    This is Bloo Rue. He has been a very loved pet since we got him at 2 months of age from a fellow BYCer. I wanted to have two roosters like I always have had, but he needs a flock all of his own. I have tons of hens running everywhere and he keeps trying to banish my Easter Egger from the flock, which I can't have this. This dark blue boy is absolutely beautiful and I believe he could make someone a really good prospect for 4-H. I am letting him go for free, and I'm sorry, I won't ship. He's way too big and I believe it would be too much of a stressful situation. I will get more pictures of him once I'm able to. He is such a big baby, my kids carry him around like a big baby in their arms and he just kicks back and enjoys the walk. He just doesn't like any other roosters.

    Please feel free to PM if you are interested.

    Thank you!

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