8 Month Old Pair Production Toulouse SE Louisiana

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    In order to make more room for my Pomeranian goose flock, I have decided to part with my pair of Toulouse geese: Ozzie and Harriet. They are 8 months old and came from McMurray hatchery as day-olds in early April.

    They are trained to go into their coop at dusk: You just have to walk toward them clapping. They are very sweet comical birds that don't have a mean bone in their bodies. Sadly, they are each convinced that they are mated to one of my Pomeranians and I cannot convince them otherwise.

    The gander can get a few inches off the ground flying, but Harriet can fly about 6' off the ground for several hundred feet. She has never flown off our property, only over the fence dividing the two pastures so she could be in the pond with the Pomeranian geese.

    Here are some photos of them taken this morning:


    The gander Ozzie...

    The goose Harriet....
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