8 month old Sebright hen..NO EGGS YET!!!


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Mar 23, 2010
Rhode Island
I have a Golden Sebright that will be 8 months old on the 23rd of October and she has yet to lay an egg. Now, I do realize that they are slower to mature but.....really? 8 months old? For those of you that actually have a Sebright, when can I expect to see an egg?
Is it from a hatchery or breeder?

Mine are from Ideal and they started laying around the normal range. Got them the beginning of Sept. '08 and started laying about Feb.-Mar. of '09.

Could she be molting? or maybe she isn't getting enough light? Check to be sure they're not in a secret spot. Sebrights are crafty little guys that can fly/crawl just about anywhere.
I'm having the same issue with an assortment of bantams--Old English, Cornish, Cochin, Brahma, Easter Egger. They are almost 8 months old and no eggs.
Maybe bantams mature slower? I don't know, these are my first ones. Is yours getting redder in the comb? Mine have nice bright red faces but nothing yet...

What are you feeding? Does your coop have light? Shorter days can stop them or slow them down, I think that may be part of the issue with mine. Also, she could be hiding eggs somewhere sneaky, especially if she gets any free range time. She would not be molting yet, I don't think, she's a bit young for that.
I have a OEG and a Golden Sebright hen (actually two of these). They are about 6.5 months old. My OEG has been laying for about a month to a month and a half. My Sebright has only been laying for about a week. Actually, my OEG is broody and should hatch two eggs next weekend!
Well, the girls free range in our back yard all day, from 830 to 630. Houdini has no comb and her tiny waddles are barely red.
She is not molting. I have looked everywhere in our little fenced-in back yard and have not found any hidden nests. She never does an egg song either. My cochin has been laying for well over 2 months now and my Sultan DID lay for about 4 or 5 weeks but stopped once the cochin started laying.
So, now I am only getting one tiny egg every other day.

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