8 month old Silkie sleeping all day...help please!


6 Years
Apr 25, 2013
Hi everyone,

I have too two silkie pullets that just started laying last week. They are usually attached at the hip since they are at the bottom of the pecking older but today one of them has been sleeping all day (both standing on laying down) in the yard and not paying any mind to making sure she is with her friend as usual. She doesn't appear to have eaten all that much since she has been sleeping most of the time should would have been eating but does become rather sort of lively when I approach her to get away from me.

What could be going on with her? She seemed completely healthy up until now.
Just today. She was fine first thing in the morning, even laid a beautiful egg. Early afternoon I noticed she seemed "off" and as you mentioned, she wasn't with her BFF.

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