8 mos Silkie hen just sitting by herself

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    Jul 19, 2011
    Tweedle Dee was fine last evening on her nightly 1 hour backyard forage trip out of the hen pen. She did put herself in the pen first and roosted on a feed tub which was strange.She and her male Silkie Bo, Tweedle Dum are ALWAYS last in. This morning, she was where I left her ...still on the feed tub in the hen house while everyone was snacking in the run. I have her in a kennel inside.
    • She has snacked on a little feed, scratch and bread.
    • I have not seen her drink yet
    • I checked for mites and lice. none.
    • Felt and looked around abdomen, vent etc. & it looks okay
    • She laid an egg yesterday
    • She pooped a little on my jeans as I checked her. It was white like slightly melted butter.
    • Her eyes look good, she walks fine.
    • She just sits quietly not moving.
    Any thoughts? Thank you.

  2. Um... Silkie=incubator.
    Put some eggs under her.
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