8 new babies, and a first time mom !


Dec 24, 2019
Mid Missouri
Here is a peek at the next generation ! 8 brand new Sapphire Gems from Rural King in the brooder. These pics were taken just hours before I slipped these cuties under Tarasita, the broody Barred Rock. More on this extremely successful sleight of hand later ..... :celebrate

IMG_8404 (3).JPG

IMG_8390 (2).JPG

IMG_8400 (3).JPG


IMG_8437 (2).JPG

Tarasita, the broody Barred rock, went broody over a month ago, so I ordered up some hatching eggs that she gladly accepted. No joy on the shipped eggs, zero success. :( So I picked up these little darlings on day 30 of her sitting, and with fingers crossed, went out in the dead of night, during a thunderstorm, and slid 3 sleepy chicks into "her" nesting box.

She pecked wildly at one hand, while the other hand gently snuck a random trio of babies under her wing. I waited a couple of hours to see what happened, and she seemed OK with the situation, so I inserted the remaining 5 into the box with zero reaction from the new mom.

I went out at dawn, and was greeted with this wonderful sight .....

IMG_8447 (2).JPG

Here is a haggard looking Tarasita with the new family, just a few hours later ..... She can come and go as she pleases, but the littles are confined to the top of an old doghouse, and nesting box. At least for a few days ..... This setup is attached to a Tupperware nesting box, with the lid removed, and completely open to the coop/run, and the rest of the flock.



Thanks for lookin, and wish me (them) luck !!!
Oh no !

Well, I left the coop door open for 15 minutes today, and came back to this ..... The babies cleared 2 separate 10 inch barriers, and were happily squabbling over some delicious weeds and spiders ! Plenty of grit available, so no worries there.

I guess Tarasita really needed to get out after sitting for over a month !!!

I have an entire acre fenced off with 2"x 4" horse fence, and the littles flow through it like water !!! I'll have to secure at least part of it with some hardware cloth very soon, like tomorrow.

Ugh !!! :confused:

Such a proud looking momma though .... :D

IMG_8554 (2).JPG

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