8+ Olive Eggers Hatching Eggs

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    8 Olive Egger hatching eggs, plus any extras I get before shipment. My Olive Eggers are BCM x B/B/S AMs, I have a pretty Splash OE roo and a steel/orange colored OE roo in the pen with 2 OE hens and 1 Dark Blue EE hen. My Olive Eggers are from 'HappyChooks'.

    I have three beautiful solid black OE pullets that I kept from my birds. I've hatched out tons of these beauties and they are so colorful and cute you can't help but love them. They will add some color to your dull egg basket.

    I'm getting pale blue eggs from my EE hen, and a nice Olive color from the OE twins. Exellent foragers and when allowed to free range find alot of their own food. A wonderful breed to own and I'm sure you'll love them as much as I do.

    PayPal ONLY, no checks, money orders, etc. I've been burned several times using the other methods.

    PayPal addy: [email protected] $25.00 Shipping Included

    Send me a PM if interested, I can do several of these orders. About one a week.

    I ship Priority Mail (2-3 days shipping). I package as best I can but cannot and will not guarantee how the P.O. will treat them. Hatching Eggs are a GAMBLE! However, I've been having good luck with my shipped eggs.

    Any questions? PM me please.

    Click here to see pictures of Eggs and Birds:



    There are other pictures of them in my Profile uploaded pictures, those are just the first ones I saw.

    Thanks for looking.

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