8 +Paint Split Silkie Eggs in AL NPIP Wrong Photo see the ad.

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    This auction is for 8 plus extras if possible eggs from my Paint Rooster and his black and white hens. Paint bred to black or white will produce approx 50% paint chicks. So far I have only hatched black solid chicks in the other 50 % with one exception. That chick is very dark but with light gray belly and butt. Not sure how it will feather out. My percentage of paint to solid colored chicks is slightly over 50% I have 12 so far as I am hatching under broodies every few weeks with a limited number of eggs for each I have 7 paints to the 5 solid colors. There are three that hatched last night and two are paint. The do hatch with various numbers of spots and tics. All are hearty and very active compared to my other Silkies. They are darling babies.

    Bonaroo is one of the paint boys that displays smokey feathers in the hackles and wing tips. They believe this is due to the Dominant white but I have yet to see any indication of off color in the chicks, may be to early to tell.

    This a paypal only auction and eggs will be shipped promptly after receipt of the funds.

    I ship eggs in eggs cartons lined with bubble wrap and then wrapped again in bubble wrap, carton is tucked in lots of shredded paper and report are excellent from customers have received eggs from me. It helps that my post office is extremely careful with the shipments as we are in a agricultural community.

    This is Bonaroo
    He had 6 distinctive black sport but they don't show in the photo.
    Another baby

    Sorry the photo in the listing is the wrong one. This is the Paint Chick
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    does your roo have an over sized comb? could you get a better picture of that?
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    my roo does have a large comb. I will try to get a closer shot.
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    You should show them your lovely hens, that is the icing on the cake. [​IMG]
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