8 Partridge and blue partridge silkie eggs-out of show quality stock


11 Years
Jun 26, 2008
Greencastle, IN
I am selling eggs for my Blue Partridge and Partridge silkies. Right now, I have 8 eggs. I will add any extra I get tonight. They are very nice birds. Several of the birds have been shown and done well. I have won best of variety everytime I have shown. All of my silkies have the correct number of toes and the correct combs. I have never hatched out a four toed chick. I have hatched a few splash chicks, but most are blue partridge and Partridge.

We have had good fertility here, but I can not guarantee your hatch rate due to shipping and/or incubation methods. I accept paypal. I want to ship these Saturday.

The hen in the back just got done been broody for over a month. She usually looks a lot better than she does in this picture.


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