8+ polish-bantams-silkies-frizzles

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    Mar 16, 2009
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    still getting lots of awesome eggs!!! My black cochin and polish girls are spitting eggs out again !!! yeah! I have 8 I collected Sat/Sun and will include whatever is laid today in this BUY IT NOW auction. I have 4 polish girls (WC polish) 1 black bantam girl 1 mille fluer girl-1 light brahma bantam girl-and dark brahma bantam girl-
    in with black sizzle roo-and burchin cochin roo and possibly a buff silkie roo ( hes running with them but have not seen him "do the deed:. last but not least my my SLpolish roo. First person to post sold and pay through paypal gets them shipped tomorrow morning:) The 14$ includes shipping and delivery confirmation:) [email protected] is my paypal. -

    pictures of possible parents
    This is "Pannini" my sizzle -he was 3 months old in this picture-he is a horn DOG!!!
    this is "JJ" [​IMG]
    this is captain John [​IMG]
    this is"pastor Mike"

    girls that I have pictures of


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