8 Quality White Silkie Hatching Eggs

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    [​IMG] Up for Sale is 8 Quality White Silkie hatching eggs. [​IMG]

    Included in this auction are: Eggs from my 2 White Silkie pens.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] These are Awesome birds. The photos speak for themselves. [​IMG]

    They are from very good bloodlines. I can't say they are show quality because I do not show my birds but you won't be disappointed.

    I will ship the same day that payment is made provided payment is made by 2PM CST. If payment is made after 2PM CST I will ship the next business day.
    Please keep in mind I need time to package them and get to the Post Office. (30 mile trip one way) so prompt payment will get them to the PO and to you alot quicker.
    Thanks for your understanding.

    PayPal only please. Please submit payment to [email protected] and Don't forget to click on BuyItNow to end this auction.
    Total price is $28.00 which includes shipping. Or $29.75 if you want it insured for loss (note per PO insurance will not cover broken or cracked eggs, just loss of package)

    Please email me with any questions you may have and if you would like the Post Office to "Hold & Call for Pickup" printed on your package please email me your phone number so I have it when I pack up your eggs. Thanks.

    Due to variations in incubators and hatching practices I cannot guarantee your hatch rate and of course I have no control over the Postal service and cannot guarantee that they won't scramble them. Not responsible for lost or misdirected shipment. If you would like to insure your package it will cost an additional $1.75. But on this end I know my small town postal service handles my eggs with kid gloves. Due to the cold WI weather I line the packing box with 3/4" sheets of styrofoam to protect the eggs at no charge.

    My laptop is in for repairs and I can't upload any new pictures of the chicks I've hatched but I've attached the parents of most of the chicks you would be hatching from.

    Sorry my inbox is always getting full so emailing me is best if you have any questions.
    [email protected]

    Thanks Much and Happy Hatching !!!
    One baby picture I had uploaded !!

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