8+ Speckled Sussex Pure and Mixed Chicken Hatching Eggs

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    8+ Speckled Sussex Pure and Crossed Hatching Eggs


    Rooster: 1 Speckled Sussex

    Hens: 2 Speckled Sussex, 1 Silver Laced Wyandotte, 1 Olive Egger (Wheaten Ameraucana and French Black Copper Marans lineage)

    My Speckled Sussex chickens come from breeders in Oregon and Iowa. The Silver Laced Wyandotte is a quality hatchery stock, and the Olive Egger is one of my "project" hens. The eggs from the Speckled Sussex will be pure bred, while the SLW and OE will be fun mystery chicks (with the OE having a mystery egg color!).

    The eggs will be an assortment of my daily collection. Because the SS and SLW are so close in size and color, I will not be sorting these out, and thus will not be offering only pure SS. The mixes should be beautiful, and I recently hatched a few to keep for myself.

    My last batch of 8 eggs was 100% fertile, but I cannot guarantee hatch rates due to shipped eggs. I am more than willing to work with you to help you get the best hatch possible, however.

    I will only ship to the continental US.
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    Does this include shipping?

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