8 sumatra Bantam eggs,$12.00 shipping included.Ia.


10 Years
Feb 7, 2009
Oxford Junction, IA
I have 8 Sumatra Bantam eggs to go out tomorrow.They will come from a trio that consist of a Black Rooster,one Blue hen and one Splash hen.Sick of hatching thought I'd give someone else a chance to get a few of these.
More than likely I can get some but is there any quality or any garauntee like if none hatch or the eggs are cracked will I get a refund or more eggs.
I might want 4 to 5 eggs to make sure i get a few chicks.

Please PM me more info as i am very interested
since your tired of hatching i bet you have a lot of chicks and maybe i could buy some as your chickens in the photo are just gorgeous:)

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