8 week bantam w/ swollen throat. Associated diseases?

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    I bought a few Sebright x OEGB chicks a month ago when they were 4-5 weeks old. I quarantined them for 21 days in an enclosure far from my main coop. There was a bit of sneezing when they first arrived but It seemed to be from their bedding and went away by the end of the first week. On day twenty-two, I observed that they were still looking very healthy and I decided to put my eight-year-old Silkie couple in their enclosure with them as 'test birds.'

    This afternoon, day twenty-four in sequence, I noticed that one of the chicks I presume to be a pullet had developed a swelling in her throat. She could have been pecked, but I think I've read somewhere about this being a symptom of a serious disease. She was energetic but perhaps a bit slowed down when I held her. I looked into her mouth and everything looks normal from the inside. When I held the bird to take a picture, she sneezed.

    This one is actually my favorite of the bunch, and I certainly don't want to let my flock get sick because I waited to see what happened, so I'm trying to be proactive. Does this look like the beginnings of something to the more experienced people on here? It just seems very suspicious to me. I'm looking into Mycoplasma gallisepticum but the bird's breathing sounds fine.

    Here's a picture of the chick I took just now and below a picture of the same bird I took about a week ago for comparison. It's much more apparent in person; the chick wouldn't hold still for a good picture.


    (picture slightly edited for privacy)
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    You are doing a good job with your quarantine. Many people make the mistake of putting outside birds right into their flocks introducing diseases. I can't see swelling, but you can also watch for eye and nasal drainage, eye bubbles, swelling of the face and eyes, rattles or wheezes when breathing. I would just keep extending the time until I was sure they aren't sick.

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