8 week chicks not growing!!


8 Years
Dec 17, 2011
I have 13 babyies that are 8 weeks old. I feed them flock raiser(puryna).
They r austr,red-sexs,blueaund,leghors,and ees.

They are half the lenth of my bantam ees but, same height.
I feel like they are growing very slow. they've been off the light for 2 weeks..
Try CHICK STARTER FEED , Has all the right stuff till 12wks. Then GROWER till they start laying, then layer feed...
A few questions:

How big is their area?
What's the temperature range in their area day and evening - from high to low (should be roughly 60F at night)?
Are they free-feeding?
Are you providing any electrolytes?
How's their water intake?
When did you put them outside?
Have they been dewormed?
feed them medicated chick starter. that feed could be to high in somthing stunting ther growth.

The shop ran out gotta wait for 2 more weeks. And flock is all they have
Mostly that sounds okay, does their pen have a shade? I'm concerned about the size of your pen though - a 4 x 7 isn't big enough for 13 birds - that's 2 feet per bird. Deworming can stunt them temporarily, but they should rally pretty quickly if done correctly. The night temps are a little low, but as long as they were fully feathered they should acclimate, though that may also slow them down for awhile.

You can try a green light to encourage growth in their coop at night, a few hours in the morning and a few in the evening or even a green tarp or roofing over their pen.
I think the run is fine. I have a roosting bar in there so they roost too. What does green lights do?
The general space allowance for standard sized birds is generally considered to be:

outdoor run - minimum 4 square feet per bird
inside the coop - minimum of 2-3 square feet per bird

Green light encourages birds to eat and move, both of which encourages muscle growth.

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