8 week old barred rock toe is black, toenail red


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Mar 16, 2021
Hi all - we have a barred rock chick/pullet who is 8 weeks old and we noticed today that her one toe is black and atrophied. I didn’t witness an injury or see blood at any point. She is walking normally on it and doesn’t appear to wince or squawk at all when we hold her.

From my searches of bumblefoot, it does not appear to be in line with this photo. Would you all say this was just some injury she suffered? We have them (12) inside an 8x8 coop with a dirt floor and we’ve started deep bedding. They’re either in a tractor during the day or free ranging if we’re home.

We are first timers so any/all thoughts or advice welcome.


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I would say from some type of injury.
The blackened part will likely eventually fall off.
I would leave it alone and just look at it daily to make sure it's not getting infected or pus filled. If she's not bothered, then that's good.
Thanks, Wyorp Rock. Still seems fine, and the black area hasn’t expanded, so I am guessing it was just some kind of injury. Thanks for your response!

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