8 Week Old BLRW Grey Face & Legs Very Thin PICS!!!

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    I purchased five five week old BLRW pullets and recieved them on April 18th. There were two that were quite a bit bigger, one just a bit behind and two smaller ones. The smallest is the one I'm worried about. While the others are thriving, she stays small & thin. No one is picking on her and I haven't seen a poop lately. The other girls are getting a lot of red in their faces and a bit on their combs, plus yellow legs. This girl has a grey face and her legs are sort of greyish too. She can't be that far behind agewise, she is just starting to get her wattles (which ARE reddish). Her feathering seems good. After picking all of them up, she is quite a bit lighter and is the only one with a prominent breast bone. In the photo, she is the second from the right with her head popped up. She seems to eat, her crop is not impacted and she goes out to forage with the others. She doesn't seem to care too much if she is with the others, and I often see her standing alone while the others are busy doing something. She also waddles like a duck when she walks, which seems odd given her skinniness.

    I really hope someone can reassure/help me because I'm quite fond of her. The only thing I can think of is maybe worms. What should I worm her with? I've given her a couple snacks of yogurt with a bit of electrolytes mixed in & that doesn't seem to be helping. Thanks in advance to all who respond!

    This is her also

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    There are simply too many possibilities without more specific symptoms... you might think of separating her to ensure she eats and drinks sufficiently as some birds are simply really timid and although you may not see the others "bullying" her away from the feed , she may simply be too scared to eat sufficiently... general support measures such as concentrating her nutrition (there may be microorganism or such causing malabsorption) by adding a supplement > AviaCarge 2000 (purchase online from McMurry or Strombergs) is a complete supplement in the correct ratios with micronutrients and minerals. Offer a live culture plain yogurt free choice to help develop a healthy intestinal flora. You can also add a cooked eggyolk through her feed on occasion and a few sunflower hearts.

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