8 week old buff orpington with small cut above eye

Hi all, I have a flock of 6 eight week old hens, all healthy except one of my buffs has a small cut above her eye that has a little blood. Is this something the other hens may try and peck at if they notice it? Should I leave it be or try cleaning it with something? Thanks!


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What does the eye itself look like? To me, there's some swelling of the tissue surrounding the eye.
I would try cleaning the eye
Flush with saline and apply either eye ointment or plain neosporin in the eye and just a dab on the cut too.

Whether to leave her with the others- if they are not bothering her it would be less stressful then separating her. If she needs separation, placing her in a crate or kennel inside the coop/run so she can be with the others would be good.


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I wouldn't separate just because of the cut but I agree there does seem to be some irritation around the eye.

If you must separate, best to separate within the coop/brooder so the others can still see it.
Thanks for all of the helpful suggestions! I cleaned the cut last night, no one bothered her and the redness went down. I wonder if she got poked by the spikey BlackBerry vines in the area. She seems OK but I'll keep monitoring. Her name is Blondie and she is very loving.


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