8 Week Old Chick Coughing and Sneezing

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  1. I have an 8 week old Cuckoo Maran pullet that I noticed yesterday was sneezing and coughing a really deep mucus-y/gurgly sounding cough but it is not constant or even often for that matter. I took her inside and put her in a large cat crate with food and water to isolate her from the flock and be able to keep an eye on her.
    She is crying for the others because she has never been alone and the cry sounds a little funny, deeper, and scratchy somehow.
    She is eating like a champ, sleeping fine, drinking great, and her poo is normal. She does not feel too hot or too cold.
    I looked in her nostrils and mouth with a light and she has no discharge from either area of any kind. Her nose is clear and not gunked up or anything.
    She walks around fine, scratches at the ground, does normal chicken things. Just the occasional coughing and sneezing fit that lasts a couple seconds.
    Any ideas?

    I'm heading out to the coop now and plan to watch for a few to see if any others look off.
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  2. Well I watched my flock for a bit and noticed one other maran pullet sneeze once lol
    Other than that everyone looks fine. This girl is still sounding raspy and occasionally making gurgling/coughing/clearing her throat noises.
    Still no nasal discharge, lethargy, loss of appetite, etc. Could this be something silly like her voice changing from baby peeping to clucking/bocking?
  3. Well the update today is that I have not noticed the pullet cough or sneeze at all since yesterday and she has not developed any other symptoms [​IMG]
    I still have her confined and seperated from my flock and away from my brooder in the house. How long should I watch her before I return her to the flock?
    I still have no clue what made her sneeze and cough in the first place and none of my others are doing it...
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    I have a couple of adult chickens who do that. I don't know what it is, because same thing, it isn't consistent, and they act healthy. I am keeping a close watch on ours and I think you can put garlic in the water to help with respiratory issues, just don't know the proportions, I'm looking for that, too. Organic apple cider is supposed to work too. Just keep a close eye on them, maybe someone else knows?
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    OK, try this )... poultryvitamin/electrolytes in the water, you can buy water soluble powder, follow the instructions...and/or...organic apple cider vinegar...two tbsp per gallon of water. Let us know how yours do. Do a search on sneezing on here and you'll find lots of information.
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    You might want to give her antibiotic such as Aeromycin or Terramycin for a while (5 days minimum, even if she seems better--to lessen chances of internal "bugs" developing resistance to the antibiotic). Only about $4 for a pouch of powder at a feed store. It is generally added to water, but if you want just her to be eating it, you can sprinkle it on a treat you give only to her maybe twice a day.

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