8 week old chick needs 'extra boost' nutritionally.....Suggestions????


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Hi. I just bought a trio of blue bantam cochins. They are approx eight weeks. The pullets are doing great but the cockerel looks alot smaller than they do. He is acting like a very new chick would only alot more sleepy. When I have him with the two pullets,they are quite a bit bigger than he is and all he wants to do is to try and nestle up under their wings. If they won't allow him then he goes in a corner and puts his own head under his wing and sleeps. His poo seems normal and he eats/drinks fine. During the day I have a red heat light on him (it's about 5' above him so as not to overheat him). I have been keeping him inside until I know he'll be okay.
If you have any suggestions on what I could try, please email me. I am thinking about trying to add some scrambled eggs to his feed today. I have them on Purina start and grow. Would electrolytes in the water help?
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I would get rid of the heat, and keep him with the others if they are not pecking him. You can easily do more harm than good with electrolytes. I would separate him for a few minutes a couple of times a day and give him something high protein, like the eggs, or a little meat or fish. I would also give him some probiotics like plain live culture yogurt (good for all of them actually.) If your feed does not have amprolium in it, I would give them all a round of Corid, in case they have too many cocci.

Cockerels often do grow more slowly than pullets.

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