8 week old chick with spraddled legs

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    Apr 24, 2016
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    Any advice on splinting an older chick? I am looking for a more permanent splint solution for her. One that maybe she can walk around in? I am using the band aid splint on her, with a piece of duct tape to hold the band aids with her being an 8 week old chick, it helps her stand up, but I've had her in this splint for 3 days and when I take it off she goes right back to spaddled legs. Ive had to separate her from the rest of the chicks and make sure she eats and drinks. I've put her in a cooler with a towel as footing, she doesn't slip on the towel. She is much smaller that the rest of the chicks her age, not being able to run around.
    Thank you!!

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