8-week old chicks pecking at each others' eyes

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    Sep 14, 2013

    I have a flock of about 60 chickens and ducks who free range. Eleven are pullets that were hatched out under a few broody hens. The mamas recently gave the chicks the big good-bye, so the chicks are merging into a social group...I thought. I think there are at least three roo's and today they have been chest bumping and pecking at each others' eyes. They've definitely drawn blood, with one of the little fellows getting the worst of the deal and has one very bloody eye, with the other one a bit pecked too.

    I've isolated all three. Does this sound normal? I've had chickens for almost two years, and never seen this, even though we've had several sets of roos we've raised. The chicks are Wheaten Americaunas, if that makes a difference, our first ones of this breed.

    We have only one rooster in our flock of chickens, so he's too busy to care about the chicks I think. I don't see them getting picked on by the bigger chickens at all.

    Suggestions to keep them from pecking each others' eyes out? Why are chicks going for each others' eyes?

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    Not a chicken person (ducks), but I know when ducklings are too crowded together, they'll start pulling and eating each others' feathers.

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