8 week old EE limping.. strain or curly toe paralysis?


May 22, 2020
Hi, my 8 week old Easter Egger all of a sudden started limping after being completely healthy so far in life. She has absolutely no visible injuries on her foot (no bumblefoot I’m familiar with that) no visible swelling or warmer spots on feet or legs...she can hop around good enough to get to food and water and can go down ramp to outside pen and even get up on low roost but noticeably limps and steps on the toes of her bad side with her good foot and then acts is if she doesn’t realize what’s going on when she tries to then walk and can’t. Curls foot on bad side occasionally but can spread toes to walk on them a little. I started giving scrambled eggs and put some b complex vitamins in water in case of vitamin b deficiency but wondering if there is anything else I should be doing or anyway to further diagnose what is wrong? Definitely is less active than the others laying still / sleeping more. 6 other pullets with her all fine no symptoms of anything.
Any thoughts? It’s heartbreaking to watch her struggle and not get around as good as the others seems like she’s trying to get up less than yesterday.... has anyone had this resolve in a few days or a week or does it normally indicate a bigger problem?
hello, welcome to BYC, sorry no one replied. How is your chick doing? I hate to say this, but it does sound like it might be Marek's. :hugs

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