8 week old GLW not growing and limping?

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    Aug 8, 2014
    At the start of this summer I got 10 gold laced wyandotte new hatch chicks(They are all supposed to be pullets). One of them did not make it through the first week, so now I have nine. They have all been growing and getting their feathers at about the same rate up until about week 7. Then one of them stopped growing. A few days later she started limping. It is week eight now and she is about half the size of all the other chickens, and she limps very badly on one of her feet. I can tell it hurts her to stand on it. I don't think she broke it an she doesn't act like it hurts her when I touch her feet. I put her in a small cage away from the others with some aspen shavings on the ground an gave her a small feeder with some "medicated" antibiotic feed, and a small waterer with some electrolyte powder in the water a couple days after I noticed her limp. I am worried she will not make it. I checked her for cuts and growths on her feet but they seem fine. Is there any reason that her foot might have stopped her from growing?
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    She could have a slipped tendon, or another leg deformity, or even a vitamins deficiency. Limping and holding the limb up can differentiate an illness from dragging a limb. Hope fully it is not Mareks disease. More description of the leg problem may help. Any illness will slow down development compared to other chicks in a group. There also will be differences in the growing on any chicks even of the same breed.

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