8 week old guineas fighting?


11 Years
Nov 15, 2008
I just happened to be outside a few minutes ago and 2 of my 8 week old guineas were fighting like crazy. Both bloodied, stabbing with their feet, grabbing and ripping at waddles and faces with their beaks, etc...
What the heck?
Their run is plenty big enough, 12x6, there are only 4 in there and they are still just babies
The other 2 were flopping and squawking like crazy, but not a part of the fighting. I've never had them do that before.
I caught both fighters and they're each in their own dog kennel until they calm down, but they can't stay like that for long and I don't have any other options for them. Can I put them back later tonight, like after dark? The bleeding should be stopped by then. Should I spray them with some wound spray stuff (don't know what it's called)?
I hate to turn them out to free range for good just yet...my other guineas are full grown and I'm afraid they'd get picked on.
Just an update...I did put them back in the pen together after dark last night. So far so good, but the sun is not quite up yet

The little helmet headed turds had better behave today!
What is the update? Any good?

I have (46) 14 week olds in a 20x20x12 covered pen, and normally only one will pick on the others.
Yep, they're all just fine now
It was BAD, too. But so far just that one isolated fight.

They are wierd little things

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