8 week old India Blue Peachick

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    I have a single 8 week old India Blue peachick available for purchase. I am not able to discern it's sex yet, but barring DOES appear to be increasing.

    It was hatched on May 18th, 2013, and I have trimmed a few of it's flight feathers after a very UNFUN chase around the house after a wily escape at three weeks. These are quickly growing back. It is very healthy and active, and has always lived with appropriately sized growing chicken youngsters who particularly enjoyed the game starter rations.

    The photo above is a stock photo, as this bird is very good at dodging camera shots despite repeated efforts for a nice photo. I guarantee that it looks exactly like the bird pictured, except for the trimmed feathers.

    I do not have accommodations for peafowl, nor do I intend to build any. We hatched pea eggs for a friend with feral India Blues just to see if we could. We can, lol. This bird was incubator hatched and brooder raised - which is a consideration for breeding purposes, as it will not know how to properly parent. It is currently outside in a chicken tractor with no heat source (it's certainly hot enough) and chicken friends. I do not raise peafowl at all.

    $75 firm. Shipping will be $70 to just about anywhere, and that will include a new box. Shipping will be weather dependent, but I can mitigate stress well with toweled cold packs and juicy berries.
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