8 week old silkie keeps closing eyes and laying down?


6 Years
Aug 17, 2013
My 8 week old silkie who is still in our basement (don't ask, we are having trouble getting our coop built) was outside today in a small pen for a bit and then free ranging for a few hours with another 8 week old chick. She kept laying down sort of on her side and closing her eyes. When I would go up to her, she would open her eyes and walk around, but she would repeatedly lay down and close her eyes. Tonight she is eating, drinking, picking at a bowl of grit and walking around a bit, but when I picked her up, she closed her eyes after a minute. She is on medicated starter feed, as I also have 2 week old chicks in a brooder right now and everyone is getting the same food.

Any advice?
Watch her for coccidiosis. She may have diarrhea, sometimes it is bloody, sometimes not. They usually act lethargic and very ill. Treatment is Corid 2 tsp liquid or 1 tsp powder in 1 gallon water for 5-7 days. Even though chicks are on medicated feed they can still get cocci. Also check her crop in the morning to make sure it is empty.
I have lost one to sour crop about 4 weeks ago now, which was devastating. I checked her crop tonight, and it feels full, but not super full and mushy like the last one. I also have been checking for bloody stool, but haven't seen any yet. She is on medicated feed, which I thought helped? I have Corid on hand, do you think I should just go ahead and start dosing? I do have 5 two week olds in a brooder in the basement as well. Should I dose them too? They don't have contact with each other, but they are in the same room.
So, I just went on the great poop scavenger hunt and can't find anything that looks remotely bloody. I also tipped my Silkie over and looked at her vent and there are no signs of blood at all. Looks completely normal, but after I put her back on her roost, she immediately closed her eyes. I didn't put the Corid in her water yet, but am tempted. I don't want to medicate her if she doesn't need it, but I don't want to lose her either. My poor little other 8 week old (Australorp) will be so lonely. Is Corid safe to give if it isn't Coccidia?
Some strains of cocci do not cause bloody stools. There is no need to separate her from the other one since they both have been exposed if it's cocidiosis, and both need treatment. The others could be exposed through feeders and waterers if they are cleaned at the same time--theoocysts can get transferred around by hands and shoes, so I would probably treat everyone. Medicated feed is supposed to help build immunity to cocci, but they canstill get it.
Well, after 24 hours on Corid, she is much perkier! I will keep giving meds to everyone for the full 7 days. Crossing my fingers that all will be well with all of them. Thanks so much.

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