8 week old silkie with white runny poop

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8 Years
Apr 1, 2011
Central Kentucky
Warning gross poop picture!

I have a 8 week old silkie who I noticed yesterday was not being as active as the others. She sleeps a lot and will not eat(at all) or drink on her own. We have been giving her save a chick all morning but recently after we gave her some through a syringe she just puked it back up.We just gave her water with corrid in it and she hasn't puked that up yet.We also can't get her to eat anything. Its hotter than usual here so I was thinking maybe its the heat but none of the others are acting like this. She has really runny white poop.

It looks darker than it actually is.
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I put her hair up in a rubber band and now shes doing a lot better now that she can see better.She is even trying to eat on her own!

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