8 week old Silkies - huge size difference= a boy and a girl? Same parents.


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7 Years
May 15, 2012
This was the pair at 4 or 5 weeks-ish. The little one is still little, but growing faster now. I wonder if (s)he might catch up!

Here they are at 8 weeks now.

Is it odd for the big size difference? They're the same age. I know they're young for sexing - I'll just wait until crowing or laying begins! i sure do love how sweet Silkies are!

It's not odd for chickens to be different sizes. Right now I have about 10 chicks that all came from the same mom and they're all different sizes :) You'll probably be able to tell when they get a bit older wether they are roosters or hens by looking at they're combs :) Silkies are quite sweet! I love how different looking they are. They're unlike any other breed.
NOW I'M SO SAD BECAUSE MY SILKIES ARE LOST!! three chickens have gone missing all at once this afternoon. Can't figure it out! Boo Hoo!

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