8 week old wobbly chick/vomiting


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Oct 2, 2019
Hi all! We recently moved to a farm, inherited 5 older layer hens and added 5 new chicks--with little knowledge of chickens, other than the crash course from the previous owners. A week after moving in, one of the older girls became egg bound and passed away and we had a freak incident with a baby chick last week and lost her, too. Needless to say, we feel like this has been a HUGE learning curve. I've visited this site and many others almost everyday to read more on how to raise healthy girls. Today, I went to the barn to let the littles into the run and one is very unsteady on her feet and choosing to lay down instead of run with the others. Totally not her norm. She kinda just "fell/flopped" out of the barn door into the run, not even trying to jump or fly down like normal. I checked on her immediately as she walked a few more steps and she had super terrible diarrhea. I headed to TSC and bought Corid, after reading that it could be an intestinal infection and in fear it would spread. I gave her and all the other littles a dose in their water (diluted per instructed) and she drank well, but never stood up. I offered food and she ate, but again, never stood up. I called Hoover Hatchery, where she was from, and they suggested maybe she was hurt prior to leaving the barn this morning, hence why she wasn't coordinated while exiting. Suggested I put her in the barn in a safe place with her own food/water. I did so and as I picked her up she "vomited" everywhere x2. I didn't think that chickens really vomited, so now I'm freaked out. The last chicken that "vomited" was my egg-bound/peritonitis chicken that died.... please tell me that this baby isn't going to die. Losing 3 chickens (2 babies in one week) would just break my and the kiddos/ heart even more! HELP!!


Jul 25, 2019
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