8 weeks old- what gender and breed? *pics


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I have 8 chickens. We got them about a month ago and we are total fantatics about them already. My dad is a contractor and built us a big beautiful coop already. They love it!

7 are about 8 weeks old now, and then the breeder slipped in one who was only a few days old, so we think she is about 4 weeks at this point.

Will you guys give your expert advice on breeds and genders?

I have a strong suspicion we have 3 roosters. Oops.
*edit, I just went outside to check on them and I swear yet another is getting a red comb already. I CAN'T have 4 roosters out of 8! YIKES! I really hope it was just the lighting.

Magellan - very curious, my friendliest chicken. Follows me around like a puppy everywhere I go. Yellow legs.


Ginger- I'm guessing a BO, has pink legs and feet.


Roo or Rue- Plymouth Barred Rock? Thick yellow legs with a grey wash, BIG chicken.


Talulah. Yellow legs, very sweet, not aggressive at all


Penelope- Coppery colored, very small comb, yellow legs. Shy.

Greta (Garbo) Light Brahma? sweet, very small rose comb.


Gypsy- Dark Brahma? She is ninja like in her ability to grab treats! Feathered feet.


Pippa-Nugget. Our baby. She is so little in comparison. All white so far, but definite green legs and feet!

I'm a chicken newby, and would appreciate everyone's input!

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My uneducated guesses.......

Magellan- Rhode Island Red Roo
Ginger- Buff Orpington Roo
Roo-Barred Rock Roo
Penelope- Rhode Island Red or Red Sex Link Hen
Gypsy- Black Cochin??
Oh, believe me, I've poured over every breed list and site. I have done nothing but surf the net and this site since a week before I got them. The obvious ones I marked, but there is some question on the others. For example, Talulah's markings seem to look like what a lot of people's EE's do. But she has yellow legs. I've had several chicken breeders tell me Penny is a RIR, and then 2 tell me she is a NHR. So, I was just hoping for some educated guesses to stop my wondering brain from imploding. :)

Plus, I'm hoping someone will tell me I don't really have the 3 Roosters I'm almost sure I have. ;-)
I think:

1. Rooster
2. BO Rooster
3. Rooster, coloring is not right for a BR male - could be black sex link male.
4. leaning towards roo, but could go either way
5. Pullet, looks like a RIR
6. Pullet
7. Need better pic, but I'm going to say pullet. And definitely not a dark brahma. Looks like a mix to me.
8. Is Pippa the same age as the others? I'm going to say male.
Thanks everyone! I got them from a chicken farmer upstate from us that listed an ad on Craigslist. He had been raising chickens for 20 years. He told us that he had sexed them and were 90% sure they were pullets. Being new at this, I believed! Within his flock said he had BA, BO, RIR, NHR, Light Brahmas, EEs and Black Giants. I'm guessing I have some mutts there, although he said they were pure. I don't really care much about breed, but I'm going to be so heartbroken if I have more roosters than hens. :-(

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