8 White pletinckx Homing pigeons

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    Jun 21, 2010
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    I am relocating and I have 8 white homers. I use to use these for a small business I had releasing white birds at funerals and weddings. When I let the business go I kept 3 pairs for personal reasons. They were my original starter birds and they meant the world to me, they flew home from a release for one of my own family members funerals 186 miles away. As they reproduce I usually sell the babies I trained them for shorter releases up to 40 miles max. I had up to 300 birds at one time and was making good money selling the babies for people who wanted to start a release. So there are still pigeon lovers out there. There are only 2 banded they are the older ones that have been on numerous long distant flights and have been mated now for over 4 years, 4 of these are their babies, one lone cock that is about 4 years old and 1 last years hen that has not yet wanted a mate. The pair are sitting on one egg, not sure what happened to the other. No shipping due to the heat, local pick up only please. The 4 babies and last years hen has never been out of the loft. I shut it up, thanks to the neighbor kids and their new christmas BB guns. Once again please no shipping right now, these birds need to go to a good home, that will take care of them as well as I have. Thanks for looking. In the process of getting pic of them.

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