8 Wk Old Cochin Bantams For Sale or Trade in Lacassine, LA

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  1. For Sale or trade for Self Blue or Lavender Cochin.

    Hatched Tuesday, August 5, 2014. 10 to 15 Beautiful Black, White, Buff, Red, Molted, Pullets and Cockerels all feathered out.

    No shipping, Pick up only or will meet within 25 miles of Lacassine, LA (I-10 at Hwy 101)

    Too many in the coop, need to downsize the population. As for show quality, I can't really say, they are all still young, and I am rebuilding my breeding stock. Some show potential. I do not show my Cochin, they are used primarily to hatch off other breeds. I am asking $7.00 each, If you want all 15 make an offer I will consider a negotiation.

    For trade of all or part, I am looking for Lavender or Self Blue Bantam Cochin, or Standard B/B/S, Chocolate, Lavender, or Buff Orpington Pullets only, no Cockerels.

    Please send me a private message for price negotiating.
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