8 wk old pics plz

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  1. [​IMG] I'm needing some pics of some 8 wk old BR and RIR pullets and cockerels, I'm wanting to know what to look for.
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    The one in your avatar is a cockerel. [​IMG]

    At 8 weeks, the main thing to look for is the redness and size of the comb and waddles. Otherwise, if your Barred Rocks still have their chick down left - A male will have a very large white spot on its head, often going back to the neck. A female will have a small, almost perfect and round white spot.
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    These are 7-8 week old pullets (RIR, BR, WLH). Look at the combs and wattles on your chicks for comparison. The males will have larger/darker combs, plus you'll see wattle growth. The BRs should be darker than the cockerels with a grey wash down their legs (see pic)




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