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    Welcome To Wolves Victory
    The wolves desperate home is destroyed.Their forced
    out to a place called "The outlands".Here there is
    No food,but very little streams or creeks.Wolves must
    fight their ways threw this,but 1 victory was made

    newborns made it threw the battle to leave.Now its
    just the "Battle To Survive".Will you live?.....

    No fowl language

    No mating details
    BYC rules apply(still)
    No killing others without permission
    Keep things real,it takes to the most a day to heal

    2 alphas per every pack
    No domestic mixed dog types
    you make dodge 1 to 2 blows(nO MORE THEN THAT)
    If you choose not to follow any rules you won't RP for 2 weeks
    Feel free to ask any questions

    Moon Pack:A strong well tamed pack

    Tyto pack:Tyto stands for "Barn owl".This is a agressive pack.

    Rio pack:A very nice, peace maker pack

    Iceblue:A true fighting victorious pack.

    Trouble Makers:A rouge pack.The will kill pups and take territories.(Sorry I had no other name.:(


    Alphas1:2 per pack.Both males
    Alpahs2:2 per pack.Females

    Betas1:1 per pack.Always a male
    Beta2:2 per pack.Always F

    Delta:1 per pack.Any gender.(This rotates every graduation beta has)

    MateMembers:Normal pack members(Hunters.)

    Loners:Wolves with no pack

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