9/28 lock down - 9/30 -I SEE A PIP!!! Photos coming


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Sep 7, 2009
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Ok, I am on lock down here with RiR's some Silkies and a mystery egg from a local friend.

When I candled we had lots of babies moving all around so I am excited to see what the week brings us.
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I have three pips so far. Luck to yours
Hey UPDATES!!!! Where are the updates??? HMMMM???

I have six hatched and four pipped! Nice turn out for a first run of a "new" antique bator!!!
I have movers and shakers in the RiR side of the bator. Multiple eggs are rocking as of this morning. The Silky side has no movement yet, but they candled well going into lock down. Fingers crossed I start to see pips soon.

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