9+ Black Mottled Cochin Bantam hatching eggs (shipping included)

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    9+ black mottled bantam cochin hatching eggs

    For your consideration are 9 eggs from my cochin bantams. The majority of the birds are black mottled (1 roo, 3 hens) but there is 1 red frizzle hen in the pen as well. I have 9 eggs collected from 4-10 through 4-12. Shipping is included in the price.

    Due to postal handling and your incubation techniques I cannot guarantee your hatch. But I do guarantee that the eggs you purchase (9) arrive to you in good hatching condition. If any of the purchased eggs (excluding extras) arrive broken I will replace them provided you pay shipping.

    This is for 9 eggs plus extras, should be at least 12.

    Thanks for looking [​IMG]

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