9 Blue and Splash standard cochin & 3 Black Copper Marans

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    9 Blue and Splash standard cochin hatching eggs. I have two Blue roos over 4 splash hens and one Blue hen. Very nice feathered feet beautiful birds. Got them from some one that said the parent are show Quality. Can not guarantee egg once leave my house. Check out my website to see more pics and the birds living arrangements redroofhens.com
    pay pal is [email protected]
    please keep in mind the weather is changing can affect the hatch rate



    3 French Black Copper Marans. Hens are for great Bloodlines Wade Jeanne line C1 and Channing Grisham. Rooster is from Givins. Copper Marans lay very dark brown eggs. Egg are 6 to 7 on the Marans scale. Can not guarantee hatch rate. Check out my website for more pics and living arrangements redroofhens.com pay pal is [email protected]. Have got 8 and 9 form this flock.

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    Your cochin are beautiful, I had show them twice and win. I just love them. Thanks.

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