9+ Buckeye LF hatching egg auction, ends Sunday 9PM CST

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    Up for bids, eggs from my flock of large fowl Buckeyes. The roosters came from a BYC member in Alabama, and I bought the hens locally from a man who was selling them for his son. These birds were developed in Ohio to do well in cold weather, and they are great foragers. Both of my roosters are good natured, and the hens follow me around chicken city when it is their turn to be out. They are brown egg layers, and have not been broody so far. A good sturdy, attractive bird for the backyard flock.
    This is an auction formatted listing. Please do not PM to bid, instead reply to this thread. Bids in minimum $0.50 increments. As always, I pack each egg in bubble wrap and pad well , but with shipping anything is possible. I do include extras as available in case of losses. I cannot guarantee hatch rate on shipped eggs. Fertility is excellent, and candling shows these boys are doing their jobs.Shipping is $14.99 with delivery confirmation. I try to ship asap after the end of the auction, hope to ship Tuesday this week coming if the hens cooperate. [​IMG]
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    Feb 13, 2012
    I'll bid $12.00 to start.

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