9 Columbian/Birchen Bantam Cochin Eggs $15 includes shipping

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    I have a pen of Columbian and Birchen Cochin Bantams. My roo is a columbian rooster while my hens are 1 columbian hen and 3 birchen hens. Alll 4 are laying. My Birchen hens do carry a columbian gene so you can get columbians from any of my hens. You will also more then likely get the birchen also. My last 2 hatches have hatched out 75% columbian chicks and 25% birchens. You can tell when they hatch whick variety they are. I was told that if I did this cross it would improve the markings on my birchen. This is the reason I am crossing them.

    We are getting 4 eggs a day from the girls so this offer will be good as long as they are laying or until I have more room for them.

    Sale Terms--We ship out fresh fertile hatching eggs. We do not make any guarantees of any kind on eggs nor are we responsible for the eggs after they leave our property. We ship Priority mail with delivery conformation. We will ship OverNite or Express at Buyers Expense.



    9 Columbian/Birchen Bantam Cochin Eggs $15 includes shipping

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