9 Crested Rouen ducklings - local pickup only

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    (Unless you want all nine ducklings please PM me instead of pressing "Buy it Now")

    I'm still trying to reduce the number of fowl on my farm due to medical issues so I am offering nine very cute Crested Rouen ducklings. They are just now feathering as you can see from the pics.



    They are very cute and very treat oriented.

    I would like $40.00 for the group, or $5.00 each.

    For folks not familiar with Rouen coloring, these ducklings will look like mallards when they mature, but will be much bigger and do not fly.

    The crests on these ducklings range from large and symmetrical to my favorite snail, who has a crest and a dot.



    They were hatched on my farm under Little Dot. She sat on nine eggs and nine little cuties hatched. Please be aware that the crest is produced by abnormalities in how the brain and skull develop, typically resulting in a poor hatch rate, and even more worrisome - some of the ducklings may have or develop neurological issues ranging from balance problems to seizures.

    But if you are looking for some very cute ducks and don't plan on breeding these cuties can be a fun addition to your yard or pond.

    They are located in Northern Illinois.

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